Tell-a-friend programme

Invite your friends and earn rewards

Tell a friend about Bitpanda and earn up to €100 each.
The more they invest, the more you both get over time.

How to get rewards

Getting started in 4 steps

1. Go to your


Log in to your Bitpanda account and go to the Tell-a-Friend section.

2. Invite a friend

Share your referral link with a friend or send them an email invite.

3. Your friend

Your friend has to complete the sign up and verification process via your link.

4. Get rewards

Once your friend has invested €500 in crypto or BCIs, you receive rewards.

The more trading volume, the more rewards for both

Get your first bonus once your friend has invested €500 in crypto or BCIs and increase it to up to a joint €200 along the way.


Common questions about the
Tell-a-Friend programme

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Tell-a-Friend is a friend invitation programme only. Do you want to recommend our services to a wider audience? In this case, the Bitpanda Affiliate programme is what you’re looking for. Please also keep in mind that Bitpanda does not allow multiple accounts for one person. If you open a second one, we’ll have to close both.