Wall Street without the walls

No matter the stock price, you can own fractions of your favourite companies from as little as €1 with zero commissions and tight spreads.

*Bitpanda Stocks are contracts replicating an underlying stock or ETF.

Past performance is fictional, for illustrative purposes only
and no indication of future performance.

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Invest in fractions or the whole thing

Build your portfolio by investing in full shares or fractions of your favorite companies over time for as little as €1.

Our derivative contracts allow you to fractionally invest in stocks and ETFs that cost hundreds or thousands of euro for a single share from as little as €1. This gives you the flexibility to invest in the companies or ETFs you believe in as much as you want, or to try your hand at investing.

Past performance is fictional, for illustrative purposes only
and no indication of future performance.


Markets closed? Not anymore

Invest whenever you want, even when the traditional stock market is closed.

The assets you acquire are derivatives representing the underlying stocks or ETFs, which are issued by Bitpanda. It means you aren’t bound to traditional trading hours. You can buy or sell your assets any time or day of the week, including weekends and public holidays.

Past performance is fictional, for illustrative purposes only
and no indication of future performance.


Fully backed by physical assets

Your investments are physically backed and held by a custody bank - keeping them safe at all times and reducing counterparty risk.

By investing in Bitpanda Stocks, you're purchasing a fractional share of a stock issued by Bitpanda via a derivative contract. The difference between a stock and a derivative is like the difference between a thing and its shadow — one is an existing entity and the other is an imitation created by the entity. Your investment is fully backed by the respective underlying assets stored with our custody banks. This agreement reduces your counterparty risk.


Commission-free trading with tight spreads

  • No account fees
  • No management fees
  • No list fees
  • No FX fees
  • No fees on distributions or other payouts
  • We don't charge commissions on any trades, ever.

    While we don’t charge commissions, a spread is applied when you acquire or end an investment, similar to the difference between the 'buy' and 'sell' rates when converting money at a foreign exchange.


How does this work?

  1. Bitpanda purchases the underlying stocks through partner exchanges

    The underlying stock is bought by Bitpanda, then stored with a custody bank.

  2. Our custody bank partners hold the stocks for safekeeping

    Your investment is backed by the respective underlying assets stored with our custody banks. This agreement means that your assets are largely shielded from counterparty risk.

  3. You invest in fractions of the stocks via derivatives

    A derivative contract is a financial product that allows you to invest in shares (full or fractional) of an underlying asset. Unlike purchasing a traditional stock, investing in a derivative means you can trade 24/7, even outside trading hours.

Risks of investing in Bitpanda Stocks* / ETFs*:

  • Considerable price fluctuations are possible
  • Capital loss is possible
  • Price risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk and currency risk are applicable

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Common questions from investors like you

  • What is the minimum buy/sell amount?

    The minimum amount for a single buy or sell transaction is as little as €1. It means you can start investing in Amazon or Tesla from just €1. For all savings plans, the minimum recurring purchase amount is €25.

  • What are the main advantages of investing in stocks/ETFs at Bitpanda?

    Bitpanda Stocks is a completely new and innovative way to participate in the price movements of stocks and ETFs*. You can now invest in assets on a fractional basis, commission-free with tight spreads, any time you want. Want to buy €100 worth of Bitpanda Stocks in Amazon on a Saturday evening? It’s now possible. You will also receive the dividends.

  • What does fractional trading mean?

    Most traditional brokers only offer full stocks. Bitpanda gives you the possibility to invest in small fractions of any stock* available on Bitpanda. These investments are completed via derivative contracts, meaning you invest in the actual underlying stocks or ETFs - and Bitpanda holds 100% of the underlying stocks or ETFs.

  • Which assets are available on Bitpanda?

    The current portfolio of available assets, you can find here. We are constantly expanding our product offering. Since feedback from our community is important to us, you will also have the opportunity to submit your suggestions on what we should list next. Please note that Bitpanda Stocks* are only available on the Bitpanda Platform and not on Bitpanda Pro.

  • How are you able to offer fractional shares? Am I investing in actual stocks & ETFs?

    You invest in the actual underlying stocks or ETFs through derivative contracts - and Bitpanda holds 100% of the underlying stocks or ETFs. Each derivative contract is always worth as much as the respective stock or ETF. You can find more information here.

  • Who can invest in Bitpanda Stocks?

    Anyone with residence in a European country can invest in stocks and ETFs* on Bitpanda. Please note that users residing in Turkey are unfortunately unable to invest in Bitpanda Stocks at the moment. While users residing in Switzerland may currently only invest in stocks, they are unable to invest in ETFs.

  • How should I decide which asset to invest in?

    Sometimes, it isn’t easy to choose the right asset. That’s why we provide additional information for every asset. You can find company descriptions, analyst ratings, performance indicators and other KPIs on Bitpanda. For more information, please refer to our Helpdesk. Keep in mind that, as with other asset classes, Bitpanda will never provide any investment advice.

  • What about dividends?

    By holding Bitpanda Stocks*, you are entitled to participate indirectly, virtually and proportionally in the respective dividends or fund distributions. You will receive these virtual dividends automatically and credited directly to your Bitpanda account. When you hold fractional stocks, you will receive dividends proportionate to your holdings. For example, if you are holding 0.5 units, you will receive 50% of the dividend payout. All you need to do is hold the asset during the time of the dividend event. You can find more information about dividends here.

  • Can other corporate actions affect my investment?

    Corporate actions (e.g. stock splits or mergers) can affect your investment. Bitpanda will monitor every corporate action and take the required steps to correctly reflect it on the platform in the best interest for all users. 

    Find more information about corporate actions and their implications here.

  • What are the tax implications for income associated with stocks & ETFs?

    Since it’s possible that your investments can generate income and capital gains, there might be tax implications that you should be aware of. These implications depend on the tax rules of your home country, i.e. the country in which you are considered a resident for tax purposes. It is your responsibility to understand how to declare and pay taxes. You can find a general guideline on this topic here.

  • Does buying, selling or swapping work in the same way as for all other assets on Bitpanda?

    Buying, selling and swapping Bitpanda Stocks* works like any other asset on Bitpanda.

  • You really don’t charge any commissions?

    On Bitpanda you invest in any stock/ETF* without paying any commission. Additionally, Bitpanda does not charge any management, administration or ticketing fees. Even though we offer 24/7 investing, Bitpanda does not charge any overnight or rollover fees as known from other brokers. Based on current market conditions and trading amount, Bitpanda might adapt the spread. You find more information in the cost document.

    More detailed information on the pricing structure can be found in the derivative contract and the prospectus.

  • What are my BEST benefits with Stocks?

    Similar to other assets, you also get benefits with Bitpanda Stocks* when you use BEST. If you pay your spread with BEST, you can reduce your spread and receive more underlying asset units.

  • What about counterparty risk?

    Your investments are physically backed and held by a custody bank - keeping them safe at all times and reducing counterparty risk.

  • What happens if Bitpanda becomes insolvent?

    You, as the user, are granted security in the form of a pledge agreement. In the event that Bitpanda becomes insolvent, the pledge agreement would allow us to return the respective equivalent value of our users’ Bitpanda Stocks with preferred treatment over other creditors.

  • How big is your spread?

    The spread is based on the market conditions of the underlying asset and can change during the day. Some Influencing factors can be the liquidity of the underlying stock or ETF, as well as the time of day or the volatility of the underlying stock or ETF.

  • How does Bitpanda make any money?

    Based on current market conditions, Bitpanda can increase the spread during exchange hours by a maximum of 0.5%. Read more about this topic in our blog article “How is Bitpanda making money with Bitpanda Stocks”.

  • Could trading stops happen on Bitpanda?

    Bitpanda has a variety of security layers in place to ensure smooth operations even under heavy load. However, certain events can force us to execute trading stops for specific assets. Examples include critical company announcements, extraordinary market liquidity issues or similar instabilities. The moment such an event becomes apparent, we will notify you immediately and resolve the issue as soon as possible. More on this can be found in our helpdesk article.

  • Is there a difference between “A-Tokens” and “Bitpanda Stocks”?

    In the prospectus and other legal documents we always mention “A-Token” and not “Bitpanda Stocks”. These terms refer to the same thing. Both refer to our new product that allows you to invest in stocks and ETFs via a contract with Bitpanda. These Bitpanda Stocks/A-Tokens are registered in an internal Bitpanda database and can therefore only be acquired or terminated via the Bitpanda platform. Even though we call them “Tokens” in the legal documents, they are neither mapped on a blockchain nor are they ERC20 tokens.

  • Where can I find the prospectus?

    The prospectus, including further details on this product, the issuer and the relevant risks can be found in the prospectus in German (audited version, further documents hier) and English (further documents hier). Please be aware that only the offer in Austria is governed by this prospectus.

  • Disclaimer

    When reading through the FAQs, please keep in mind that Bitpanda enables commission-free, fractional and 24/7 stock/ETF investing through a contract between Bitpanda and the user tracking investments in an underlying stock or ETF. You can read more about this here.

This information is a marketing communication and is provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute advice, a recommendation or an invitation to enter into a transaction. "Bitpanda Stocks" is a new product on the part of Bitpanda and enables investing in partial shares/ETFs. Bitpanda Stocks" are not shares, but a contract that allows you to participate in the price movements of certain shares, including any dividend payments. The financial instrument "Bitpanda Stocks" is neither tradable on stock exchanges nor on other trading places, but can be resold to Bitpanda at any time under the conditions stated in the GTC and the contracts. Further details about this product, the issuer and the relevant risks are available in the prospectus in German (audited version, further documents here) and English (further documents here). Please note that this product is only subject to this prospectus in Austria. The investment in securities involves risks. A total loss is possible.