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For the innovators and trailblazers, the early adopters and trendsetters, Bitpanda Spotlight gives you access to new, hard to find and fast-moving crypto projects on a highly regulated and secure platform.



Giveaway tokens:
180,000 CGPT



XDC Network

Giveaway tokens:
296,726 XDC




Giveaway tokens:
475,000 KAS




Giveaway tokens:
100,000 SOLO




Giveaway tokens:
36,000 MBOX




Giveaway tokens:
100,000 LMWR


Early access

Early adopters can profit from low prices before the coins become widely available.

Potential high returns

At an early stage the investment cost is low, which offers the chance for potential positive profits.


As a regulated platform with KYC and AML processes in place, we minimise the risk of scammers entering Bitpanda Spotlight.
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How it works

How to be in the Bitpanda Spotlight

1. Explore

Check out the asset descriptions and project social media channels.

2. Pre-launch

Subscribe to our offered coins and be the first to know when they go live.


Become a BEST VIP and participate in our exclusive free giveaways.

4. Trade

Buy, sell and swap the hottest new crypto projects on Bitpanda Spotlight.

Safety • Caution • Transparency

Regulated investing in fast-moving assets

All new projects are subject to our vetting process, so you can invest in fast-moving coins and tokens with low market caps on a highly regulated platform.

The safety of your funds is our highest priority. We encourage you to inform yourself thoroughly before trading.

best perks

Grab the BEST bits

Become a BEST VIP to participate in our exclusive giveaways, where you can earn up to 5x free coins on top of any existing rewards. The higher your VIP level the more you could earn.


Common questions about
Bitpanda Spotlight coins

  • How do you decide which crypto projects to include on Bitpanda Spotlight?

    For Bitpanda Spotlight we choose projects that are not older than a year, are hard to find on other European exchanges and have recent and significant social media traction and a low market cap and liquidity.

  • Why do Bitpanda Spotlight coins carry a higher trading risk?

    These coins are new crypto projects that are still in a developmental stage. They have a lower market cap, trading volume and availability. Therefore, the risk of canceled orders and larger price changes is significantly higher.

    Due to limited accessibility Bitpanda might be forced to temporarily disable trading with these assets.

  • How do I profit from Bitpanda Spotlight as a BEST VIP?

    Subscribing to our offered coins as a BEST VIP will allow you to exclusively participate in our free giveaways. The giveaway prices will vary depending on the VIP level. The higher the level, the more free tokens you get.

    Note: Owning as little as 10 BEST makes you already a BEST VIP.

  • What does it mean to subscribe to a coin?

    Subscribing to a Bitpanda Spotlight coin means that you will be the first to know once the coin goes live. We will send a push-notification to all subscribers, so they don’t miss the opportunity to trade the hottest new cryptocoins.

    Subscribing as a BEST VIP gives you the additional perk of joining our free coin giveaways.

  • When will I receive my giveaway tokens?

    The coins will be distributed to the BEST VIP giveaway subscribers within the first 24 hours following the trading start.

  • How giveaway tokens work

    For every new Bitpanda Spotlight coin, there is a fixed number of giveaway tokens. These tokens are distributed between BEST VIPs that subscribe to the coin on Bitpanda Spotlight. How many giveaway tokens you receive depends on your BEST VIP level. For example, VIP level 1 would receive 1 x token, VIP level 3 would receive 3 x tokens, with BEST Level 5 receiving the highest number of giveaway tokens.

    Example distribution of 50 giveaway tokens:


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