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Start trading key commodities* like oil, natural gas, aluminium, wheat and more, from as little as €1.

Commodities are the underlying Exchange Traded Commodities of the contracts offered as Bitpanda Commodities and are brought to you by Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH.

Earn from short term
price movements

Invest 24/7,
even on weekends

Diversify and hedge
against inflation


Trade oil, gas and 28 other commodities*

Get access to the commodities* you want — right alongside your crypto, stocks* and metals.


Hedge against inflation

Counter rising living costs and benefit from the short term price movements of key commodities*.


Start with €1

Like all Bitpanda assets, you can start investing in your favourite commodities* with as little as €1.

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Buy, sell or swap your commodities* with crypto, stocks*, metals and more

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Risks of investing in Bitpanda Commodities:

  • Considerable price fluctuations are possible
  • Capital loss is possible
  • Price risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk and currency risk are applicable

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  • What are the main advantages of investing in Bitpanda Commodities?

    Bitpanda Commodities is a simple and innovative way to participate in the price movements of commodities* without all the financial complexity. You can now invest in your preferred commodities*, any time you want. Want to gain short term exposure to key commodities? Bitpanda Commodities is a great way to do that.

  • How are you able to offer commodities? Am I investing in actual commodities?

    You invest in the actual underlying Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) through derivative contracts - and Bitpanda holds 100% of the underlying ETCs. Each derivative contract is always worth as much as the respective ETC

  • What is the difference between ETCs and ETFs?

    Commodity ETFs invest in a commodity or basket or commodities; either by buying or selling the underlying commodity the ETF is meant to track. ETCs on the other hand, normally tracks the price of a single commodity or a commodity index and allows exposure as those prices fluctuate.

  • Aren’t metals a commodity? How’s this different from Bitpanda Metals?

    Yes. Metals are known as hard commodities and indeed they are. However, with Bitpanda Metals and unlike with Commodities, you buy shares of real gold, silver, palladium and platinum bars that are physically held in a secure vault.

  • Which assets are available on Bitpanda?

    Our current portfolio of available assets can be found here ( We are constantly expanding our product offering. Since feedback from our community is important to us, you will also have the opportunity to submit your suggestions on what we should list next. Please note that Bitpanda Commodities are only available on the Bitpanda Platform and not on Bitpanda Pro.

  • Who can invest in Bitpanda Commodities?

    Anyone with residence in a European country can invest in ETCs on Bitpanda. Users residing in Switzerland are unfortunately unable to invest in Bitpanda Commodities at the moment.

  • How should I decide which asset to invest in?

    Sometimes, it isn’t easy to choose the right asset. That’s why we provide additional information for every asset. You can find company descriptions, analyst ratings, performance indicators and other KPIs on Bitpanda. For more information, please refer to our Helpdesk. Keep in mind that, as with other asset classes, Bitpanda will never provide any investment advice.

  • What are the tax implications for income associated with Bitpanda Commodities*?

    Since it’s possible that your investments can generate income and capital gains, there might be tax implications that you should be aware of. These implications depend on the tax rules of your home country, i.e. the country in which you are considered a resident for tax purposes. It is your responsibility to understand how to declare and pay taxes. You can find a general guideline on this topic here.

  • Does buying, selling or swapping work in the same way as for all other assets on Bitpanda?

    Buying, selling and swapping Bitpanda Commodities* works like any other asset on Bitpanda. Check out these articles on how to do this on our platform to learn more.

  • You really don’t charge any commissions?

    On Bitpanda, you invest in any ETCs without paying any commission fees. Additionally, Bitpanda does not charge any management, administration or ticketing fees. Even though we offer 24/7 investing, Bitpanda does not charge any overnight or rollover fees like other brokers do. Based on current market conditions and trading amount, Bitpanda might adapt the spread. You can find more information in the cost document.

    More detailed information on the pricing structure can be found in the derivative contract(link to derivative contract) and the prospectus.

  • How big is your spread?

    The spread is based on the market conditions of the underlying asset and can change during the day. Some Influencing factors can be the liquidity of the underlying ETC, as well as the time of day or the volatility of the underlying ETC.

  • How does Bitpanda make any money ?

    Based on current market conditions, Bitpanda can increase the spread during exchange hours by a maximum of 0.5%. Read more about this topic in our blog article “How is Bitpanda making money with Bitpanda Stocks”.

  • Can I set up a savings plan for Bitpanda Commodities?

    Yes. You can buy ETCs on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Set up as many savings plans as you want and combine commodities purchases with your other regular digital asset investments. This way you can diversify your portfolio while at the same time benefit from the cost average effect.

  • Can I link Bitpanda Commodities to Bitpanda Card?

    Yes. You can spend your commodities’ investments like cash with Bitpanda Card and get cashback for it (according to your BEST VIP level status).

  • Where can I find the prospectus?

    The prospectus, including further details on this product, the issuer and the relevant risks can be found here in German (audited version) and English. Please be aware that only the offer in Austria is governed by this prospectus.

This information is a marketing communication and is provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute advice, recommendation or solicitation to enter into any transaction. Commodities are the underlying Exchange Traded Commodities of the contracts offered as Bitpanda Commodities and are provided by Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH. Further information about the product and the PRIIPs KIDs can be found on The financial instrument "Bitpanda Commodities" is not tradable on exchanges or other trading venues, but can be resold to Bitpanda at any time under the terms and conditions stated in the GTC and the contracts. Further details about this product, the issuer and the relevant risks are available in the prospectus in German (audited version) and English. Please note that this product is only subject to this prospectus in Austria. The investment in securities involves risks. A total loss is possible.