Bitpanda Cash Plus

Earn 2.91% and more on your cash

Earn high-yield returns for EUR, GBP, and USD and benefit from 24/7 availability.

up to 3.27% for BEST VIP
on EUR

up to 4.49% for BEST VIP
on GBP

up to 4.85% for BEST VIP
on USD

Fully flexible

You can withdraw at any time (even at night and on weekends) with no lock in periods.

No limits

We believe you shouldn’t be limited in how you benefit from Bitpanda Cash Plus. That’s why you can invest up to 10m EUR.

Always up to date

Yields will be immediately adjusted with central bank interest rate changes - there is no limited offer period on Cash Plus.

Safe and regulated

European regulated crypto & securities broker platform and fully compliant with European data, IT and money laundering security standards.

effortless earnings

Switch on bank beating returns

The revolutionary design of Bitpanda Cash Plus means our yields outperform those offered by most conventional current accounts. And Bitpanda Cash Plus money market funds constantly track and adjust yields in line with any changes in central bank rates.


Benefit the most as BEST VIP

Become a BEST VIP to get your bonus on the yields

  • As a BEST VIP you get a bonus of up to 12.5%, resulting in higher yields

    BEST VIP level 5 +12.50% 3.27% 4.85% 4.49%
    BEST VIP level 4 +10.00% 3.20% 4.74% 4.39%
    BEST VIP level 3  +7.50% 3.13% 4.63% 4.29%
    BEST VIP level 2 +5.00% 3.05% 4.52% 4.19%
    BEST VIP level 1 +2.50% 2.98% 4.41% 4.09%
    No BEST VIP  n.a 2.91% 4.31% 3.99%

    *Variable yields as of August 9, 2023

Start earning

Join Bitpanda Cash Plus

1. Activate Cash Plus

Open the Bitpanda App, deposit EUR/GBP/USD or tap on your available EUR/GBP/USD balance.

2. Appropriateness test

Complete our quick appropriateness test if you haven’t done so already.

3. Start earning

By switching the toggles you accept the derivative contract and start earning a yield.


Common questions about Bitpanda Cash Plus

  • When can I withdraw my funds in Bitpanda Cash Plus?

    If you need some cash, you can simply move it out of your Cash Plus balance anytime. 

    If you decide to opt out of Cash Plus entirely, you can do so without any loss of your earnings. When you choose to opt out, your entire Cash Plus balance will automatically be moved back to your fiat wallets, and you will cease earning yield from that point onward. Rest assured that the earnings you have accumulated thus far will remain intact.

  • Can I use my wallet balance to buy new assets?

    If you want to invest your Cash Plus balance in other assets, you have full flexibility to do so at any time. When buying an asset, you simply use your Cash Plus balance.

  • When will I receive my yield?

    The payout is distributed monthly and based on the amount of money you had invested and the duration of investing. Your dividend will get paid on the fourth Austrian bank working day of the next month you moved your asset to Bitpanda Cash Plus.

    Your total yields as well as the next payout date are visible in your Cash balance overview in your Bitpanda wallet at all times. All past payouts can be found in your transaction history.

  • With Bitpanda Cash Plus, where is my money going exactly?

    The return is generated by investing in a financial instrument in which the underlying asset is a money market fund. This type of fund is trusted by banks and large corporations to keep their money safe and accessible, while giving them a return. Each month your return is calculated and paid out as a dividend similar to a corporate action.

    Bitpanda offers derivative contracts for EUR, GBP and USD in which a Money Market Fund is always the underlying.

    The respective Money Market Funds we are utilising as underlyings for Bitpanda Cash Plus are listed below:

    Name of fund Fund Mngmt. company Currency ISIN Rating
    BlackRock ICS Euro Liquidity Fund

    BlackRock Asset Manage-
    ment Ireland Limited

    EUR IE000GWTNRJ7 AAAm/Aaa-mf/AAAmmf
    BlackRock ICS US Dollar Liquidity Fund USD IE00B44BQ083 AAAm/Aaa-mf/AAAmmfz
    BlackRock ICS Sterling Liquidity Fund GBP IE00B3L10356 AAAm/Aaa-mf/AAAmmf
  • What is a money market fund?

    A money market fund is a mutual fund that focuses on investing in low-risk securities with short-term maturities, including cash and cash equivalent securities. This type of fund is trusted by banks and large corporations to keep their money safe and accessible, while giving them a return.

    Bitpanda Cash Plus invests in these money market funds, giving you the option to invest your cash and generate returns higher than many traditional savings accounts, all while maintaining liquidity and safeguarding your capital. Furthermore, the money market funds we selected for Bitpanda Cash Plus are professionally managed and offer our users high flexibility. These funds also bring benefits such as diversification, professional management, and the ability to quickly convert shares into cash on a daily basis.

    Short term money market funds - such as those used for Bitpanda Cash Plus - have low volatility and the main driver for adjustments of the yield are changes in interest rates (European Central Bank interest rate for EUR money market fund, the Federal Reserve interest rate for USD money market fund, Bank of England interest rate for GBP money market fund). It's important to understand that although Bitpanda Cash Plus money market funds are generally considered low-risk and have the highest possible ratings, returns from Bitpanda Cash Plus can still rise or fall and are subject to change. Further details about this product, the issuer and the relevant risks are available in the prospectus and in the investor information document.

  • Are received yields taxable events?

    Yes. The regulatory framework for taxation differs from country to country. Please contact your personal tax advisor for further information about your individual situation. More information here.

This product is brought to you by Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH as a derivative. Derivatives are contracts replicating a specific underlying. For Cash Plus the underlyings are selected money market funds. Actual payout may differ significantly from performance of the underlying Money Market Fund, as a result of fees and charges.
Bitpanda GmbH is not a bank, nor are any of its affiliates. This is a non-deposit investment product and consequently not protected by a deposit guarantee scheme.
Before you invest, please check the current prospectus. Past performance is fictional, for illustrative purposes only and not an indication of future results.

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Underlying assets

Money Market Fund EUR

Name: BlackRock ICS Euro Liquidity Fund
Total expense ratio: 0.100%
Provider: BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Limited
Yield: 3.64%


Money Market Fund USD

ISIN: IE00B44BQ083
Name: BlackRock ICS US Dollar Liquidity Fund
Total expense ratio: 0.100%
Provider: BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Limited
Yield: 5.39%


Money Market Fund GBP

ISIN: IE00B3L10356
Name: BlackRock ICS Sterling Liquidity Fund
Total expense ratio: 0.100%
Provider: BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Limited
Yield: 4.99%